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Primary Focuses And Objectives

GreenReady approaches every client with 5 primary objectives in mind to ensure sustainable solutions, each of which play separate, though equally significant factors in the maintenance and preservation of well-being. 


Before anything else, GreenReady must establish secure routes of honest communication between our representatives and their clients. We aim to tailor our service as close to the demands of our client as possible. This allows for more flexibility with our service rates and an increased overall success rate. We implement social networking and innovative technologies to maximize knowledge share and accessibility. 

All GreenReady advisors operate under strict confidentiality to ensure the information you share remains secure. After all, how can we give you an answer if you refuse to ask the question?



We never expect you to simply 'take our word for it', we want our clients to see how we get our solutions and what makes them work. GreenReady provides a number of free and fee based education and training courses both online and in person, as well as an expanding resource library. GreenReady team members have access to a company scholarship fund to help pay for college courses and certifications.




GreenReady was founded and operates with the future in mind, we explore every possibility and outcome to eliminate the element of surprise. Our advisors align our clients 'Big Picture' with their current tasks to achieve more accurate overall goals and increase foresight. Our online store features a full line of emergency survival and preparedness products that are available at a discount to GreenReady clients and partners alongside a free emergency survival education seminar.




 GreenReady advisors are conscious of the impact they have on Earth, clients learn how to accurately measure the resources they consume and identify areas where they can conserve. Conservation efforts have proven to yield significant long term benefits both environmentally and fiscally, however, effective conservation often requires a large initial investment. GreenReady is helping reduce our global dependence on oil and timber consumption with our Hemp Biomass Research Campaign, an effort we are looking to triple in production before 2012. 





We want to provide more than a temporary fix, we want our solutions to continue to benefit us for as long as possible. GreenReady advisors are always there for you, today and tomorrow. We emphasize the significance of setting goals and measuring progress, this helps provide an accurate picture of the areas needing the most attention. By approaching sustainability proactively GreenReady is able to avoid mistakes by preparing for all possible outcomes. GreenReady is designed to grow with you and remain flexible to our clients needs. For all walks of life, GreenReady is there.


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